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Virtual Twin

The introduction of a virtual twin (digital twin) is a new process for product and project development. The digital counterpart does not replace a real prototype, but flows into production planning, which is also created digitally. In this way, it is possible to make processes, which are in reality executed successively, parallel. In addition, errors can be identified, alternatives can be displayed, and commissioning can be carried out virtually. This is accompanied by considerable shortening of time and costs. With industry 4.0 in the perfect sense, the digital twin accompanies a product throughout its life.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a strategic concept of system maintenance. It basically covers the planning and processing of all maintenance measures before the occurrence of damage or uncontrolled system failure. The basic measures of preventive maintenance are inspection and maintenance. This maintenance concept has been perfected during production in accordance with Industry 4.0. This works through the network communication between technical systems. Machine-to-machine interchange allows problems to be identified before they occur. The principle: Devices transfer individual information independently and allow a cost-efficient and quick problem solution. If machine and device data are evaluated in real-time, as well as set-point and threshold values of the installations, errors can be reliably predicted and prevented in the run-up.