Water Management

For water and waste water management, we offer valve and slide technology as well as electrotechnical equipment for water transport. With our extensive stock of spare parts and 24-hour service, quick maintenance and fast service are guaranteed.


Waterworks have the task of preparing and providing drinking water. We supply the complete electrotechnical equipment for pumps, filters, water storage tanks and fittings. In addition, we set up switching rooms with the necessary technology to control and monitor drinking water within the pipeline network. For own laboratories which are often operated in larger waterworks, we control the analysers for the determination of the chemical and biological composition of the water In addition, we are developing intelligent visualisation systems that guarantee easy operation and control of the system. Combined with our extensive safety solutions, waterworks operators benefit from a smooth and efficient operation.

Waste Water Technology

We control the flow of sewage and rainwater from commercial and industrial plants, for example into the public sewerage system. Our ingenious know-how in control technology puts us in a position to collect, assemble and transport the contaminated water into the sewage system. With intelligent pump control, slider technology, level measurement, control and control technology, switch cabinet construction and PLC programming, we automate many tasks of waste water technology - for safe and trouble-free operation.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Waste water treatment is carried out in sewage treatment plants through complex multi-stage processes. We automate this process and offer the necessary technology. From pump control to slide and fitting technology to visualisation of all processes for intuitive operation and control. You benefit from secure processes for an effective operation.