Sustainable energy solutions for garden centres

Blumen Ostmann’s new garden centre in Oldenburg, covering an area of approximately 13,000 m², is among the biggest garden centres in the country. It has more than 100,000 plants and offers gardening supplies for both indoor and outdoor use that will make every gardener’s heart leap for joy. This makes us even more pleased to have had the chance to be involved in the construction process. By supplying most of the building services, including electrical engineering – from low-voltage main distribution to lighting, from safety engineering to IT – we have made sure that the building infrastructure is perfectly equipped. A modern public address system also allows information to be disseminated throughout the spacious grounds. For this garden specialist, the issue of sustainability is just as important as the flora. This is why we are installing a photovoltaic system for self-supply and four electric vehicle charging stations so that customers will be able to charge their vehicles here in the future, as well as a battery storage system. 

In addition to building services, SCHULZ has installed a new photovoltaic system and an electric vehicle charging station with an energy storage system.

Electro mobility of the future