Students from Wallenhorst build a word clock

The most recent GenerationenWerkstatt project has caught everyone’s attention. Four pupils from the Alexanderschule in Wallenhorst have built a word clock in collaboration with SCHULZ employees – under the guidance of our colleagues Dieter Behnken and Detlef Mittendorf. Special feature: the clock knows the alphabet. As soon as the time is reset, the letters sort themselves into a new sentence. ‘It’s twenty-five past five,’ it says as Dieter Behnken explains the outcome of the project.

The boys spent eight afternoons building the clock. They soldered, milled, screwed and painted. In particular, its built-in lighting technology makes the word clock a real eye-catcher. Just when the time was displayed in bright blue, it now changes to bright green, and later to red. The change in colour can also be stopped at any time via remote control.

The school management of the Alexanderschule is thrilled. The clock will be placed centrally in the auditorium.

About GenerationenWerkstatt
From 2014 to mid-2019, 87 companies and 41 schools were involved in a total of 165 projects. GenerationenWerkstatt brings about a win-win-win situation: The next generation is introduced to the world of work with enthusiasm, the active generation is supported in its promotion of young talent, and the experienced generations are empowered by passing on their knowledge. SCHULZ Systemtechnik in Wallenhorst is committed to this project as a partner.

Dieter Behnken, Tobias Bente, Alperen Cetin, Niklas Adams and Detlef Mittendorf (left to right) in front of the word clock. Student Christian Maul is not in the picture.

The word clock, which was created for the project involving the Alexanderschule in Wallenhorst.

Painting: Niklas Adams and Alperen Cetin (v. l.) | Pictures: Causal Foundation Osnabrück