SCHULZ Next: employee management, HR development and event management, all in one system

Employee development and support are some of the main topics at SCHULZ Systemtechnik. “It is the key to making our corporate vision a reality, which sees us striving to be the best we can be. Striving towards the best employees, best processes and best products,” says Dirk Haft, head of HR for the group of companies. “That is why we our using SCHULZ Next to provide our employees with a tool that lets them actively shape their future, and ours.”

The online platform brings together employee management, HR development and event management. It can be used to plan training, book seminars and workshops, carry out webinars and much more. This means that the entire HR development process can be managed via SCHULZ Next. All our colleagues are brought on board from the very beginning and are able to shape their own paths, thanks to managers and employees setting and pursuing goals together.

Share knowledge with each other
One of SCHULZ Next’s key areas is sharing knowledge.  For example, everyone can bring their ideas and create webcasts with key users to make this accessible for everyone. These know-how multiplicators are valuable for the company, guaranteeing that important information is quickly and comprehensively passed on to employees for their daily work.

No matter where or when
The system is swift and intuitive, and saves resources. It can be used anywhere from a PC, laptop or mobile. SCHULZ Next even has a lot to offer for trainees: it can be used to apply to exam preparation sessions, or for selecting other activities and events. 

“With SCHULZ Next, we are tackling ongoing changes in the world of work and are counteracting the shortage of skilled workers. This makes us more competitive, enabling us to position ourselves as an attractive employer,” said Managing Director Tobias Schulz.

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